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Droid Inventors & Deep Space Bots
(LEgo EV3

Ages 8 to 13

A Galaxy of Learning Fun

Invent Your Own Droid - Take It Home
R2D2 is the new member of the family!

Droid Inventors & Deep Space Bots


Ages 8 to 13 (Your Droid Price Included In Camp Fee)

Invent and program your personal Droid. Take it home!

Prepare for a mission to Deep Space and build and program amazing (LEGO® EV3 Robots).

Become a Star Wars Master Builder Using the Massive Renaissance Star Wars Library of Sets & Design and Print Your Own 3D Droid to take home too!

Travel to the edge of the universe in a robotic adventure that reveals a future when humankind will transform distant planets into livable habitats. Campers join Space Shuttle Entropy’s team as they investigate distant moons and planets. They will put their programming and engineering skills to work in this engaging robot adventure in deep space!

Invent Your Own Droid – Take It Home – R2D2 is the new member of the family!

About This Camp (Price Includes Your own Personal Droid)

Invent Your Droid
Kids can create their own Droid and bring it to life using littleBits electronic blocks! With the Droid Inventor app, they’ll give their Droid new abilities and take it on 16+ missions. With the wave of a hand, kids can guide their Droid like they are a Jedi using the Force. Let your Droid go for a solo spin!

The Droid detects obstacles and changes course like it has a mind of its own. Kids can record covert messages onto their loyal sidekick, then send it off to securely deliver the

Add an additional Droid part (included) and this Droid can draw out secret maps or messages! Kids train their Droid to navigate through obstacles and make masterful maneuvers Best part of all, This is your child’s personal Droid to take home!

Kids will be totally engaged in this awesome camp!


Classes Fill Up Quick

Prices 2019

Half Day AM and PM


Full Day


Registration Options:

Before Care

Weekly Fee: $30

After Care

Weekly Fee: $60

*Rates shown do not include discounts!

Locations and Camp Sessions Offered for Summer 2020

North Arlington/McLean Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

June 22, June 29, July 27, August 2 and August 10.

Memorial Baptist Church
3455 N Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22207

Alexandria Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

Jun15, June 22, July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3

Assembly of God Church
700 W Braddock Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22302

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