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Jedi Apprentice Brick Master Training Camp

Ages K-2

A Galaxy of Fun For Jrs. New in 2019

Make a personal LightSaber-Take it home!

Jedi Apprentice legomaster training camp


WELCOME INITIATES You are about to take your first step toward becoming a Padawan Learner and understanding the Force. These are troubled times and we need you. Learn the ways of the Jedi and fulfill your destiny during this week of Jedi Training.


The force is strong this summer at Renaissance. During this exciting week at camp your child will create their very own Jedi costume including cloak and light saber. As a young Jedi part of their training each day will include LEGO building activities as well as Star Wars themed games. Your child will create their very own battle station, build a Jedi fighter, learn about and visit many different galaxies or simply enjoy building one of the hundreds of LEGO Star Wars sets in the Renaissance Lego library.  

Our young Jedi campers will experience the process of taking an idea, shaping it into a design and then creating it. Campers will create and tinker with objects that light up, objects that move, devices that help our environment, and more!


On Friday a very special Jedi Knight graduation ceremony will take place and a certificate will be awarded to each child. May the force be with you and your young Jedi.

21st Century Skill Focus: Collaboration, Problem Solving, Initiative, Empathy, Responsibility. Learn more about other skills we build through The Renaissance Method.

Sample Projects Include:

Light Saber – Paint with Light
Make and take Home Your personal LightSaber! Learn how to paint with Light!

Light up House
Campers will build an energy efficient home that lights up using LED’s, copper tape and a battery.
Campers will learn basic electricity and circuitry.

Rock it and Roll it
Campers will engage in a design challenge to build a device that can move things from here to there and everywhere! Campers will have access to motors, wheels, and other maker materials to bring their designs to life.

Campers will learn about the engineering design process and design thinking. They will also learn how to work with others collaboratively to solve a problem. Campers will learn the mechanics of movement and how different devices help us move things from place to place.

Sea Sweeper Design Challenge
Campers will work together to brainstorm and create a prototype for a device that can help clean the world’s oceans.

Campers will learn environmental science.


THE CODE Every Jedi is familiar with the Jedi Code. Learning it begins your training.

LIGHTSABERS Before we can start your training we will need to make training sabers. Initiates are required to create their own sabers because it is such a personal piece of equipment.
SABER TRAINING What good is a light saber if you don’t know how to use it? During this instructional workshop you’ll learn to attack and defend using your training saber.
EVASIVE MOVEMENT Movement is important, whether you’re defending yourself, being stealth or chasing down a bounty hunter. In this workshop you’ll learn how to move efficiently.
REASONING Jedi must be logical and use reasoning when they are investigating someone or while in battle. We’ll sharpen those skills by using mind-challenging games that focus on spatial reasoning and strategy.
THE FORCE Learning to use The Force is at the center of a Jedi’s existence. Through games and activities, we’ll hone your skills and teach you to use your skills to your advantage.

Classes Fill Up Quick

Prices 2019

Full Day


Half Day AM or PM


Registration Options:

Before Care

Weekly Fee: $30

After Care

Weekly Fee: $60

*Rates shown do not include discounts!

Locations and Camp Sessions Offered for Summer 2020

North Arlington/McLean Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

June 22, June 29, July 27, August 2 and August 10.

Memorial Baptist Church
3455 N Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22207

Alexandria Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

Jun15, June 22, July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27, August 3

Assembly of God Church
700 W Braddock Rd.
Alexandria, VA 22302

Vienna Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27

Church of the Holy Comforter
543 Beulah Rd, Vienna, VA 22180

Look for more great, new locations and more one of a kind camps coming soon!

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