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Ozobots, Robots, Scratch & Cupcakes! Program With Color

Ozobots, Robots and Cupcakes! A fun and interactive camp that will result in working animations created by your child!

Junior Coders-
Ozobots, Scratch, Art, Robots, Cupcakes! Ages 7 to 11

Put it together and what have you got? A perfect combination of Ozobots, Art and Beginning Scratch (Developed by MIT) to introduce coding and game design. Kids will need and use these skills in the 21st Century and have fun learning and making their own working animations, designs and games!

The perfect mix of cutting edge technology to engage kids!

Learn, design and experiment with code and art! Gain knowledge in coding fundamentals and then rapidly proceed to using that knowledge with confidence while creating your own robots, games and animations. This course is aimed at entry-level coders aged 7 to 11.


  • Learn about control and sensors while programming the mini robot, the Ozobot.
  • Become a digital artist, creating your own characters, gifs and animations.
  • Design, create and share your new games.
  • Learn about graphical / block coding.

Join us for Code and Create Games with Ozobot Robotics & Scratch


In this free hands-on camp, students ages 7-11 will learn to code and create games with Ozobot robotics. They’ll explore programming the Evo robot with block coding, from completing simple commands right through to creating a dance game. They’ll also learn how robotics are used in the 21st century and be inspired with how they can be involved.

At the end of the camp, participants will:
• Be familiar with how robotics work
• Have hands-on experience with block coding and how to program the Evo robot
• Understand the importance of robotics

Open your child’s eyes to the world of coding using Scratch, a program developed at the MIT Media Lab. Scratch is an easy-to-use online platform that lets kids create digital art and coding projects.

Campers in this course experiment with Scratch, the create game-based programs using the most popular coding software for this age group. By the end of the week, students will have a small library of games to play at home that they created themselves. Campers take their Scratch Video Games home on flash-drives.

Software used: Scratch 2.0


Campers tackle a variety of exciting projects while gaining insight and experience into many aspects and functions of computer coding. Each day introduces a new, relevant and creative topic – robotics, animation, games – which takes campers from the basics in that field to the point where they can design and build their own ideas. At the end of the course, each student decides which topic they wish to pursue further and spends one day gaining expertise and creating an original project specific to that area.

This course exposes campers to a variety of tools and techniques that will enhance their understanding of programming and design, allowing them to continue their journey into code at home. A perfect starter course, Junior Coder allows children to delve into different areas of technology and art and find out which parts of the world of computer science excite and inspire them the most.


Half Day AM and PM $245

Full Day $385

Locations and Camp Sessions Offered for Summer 2018


Dates: Monday, July 9 thru Friday, August 17, 2018

UUCA (Universalist Unitarian Church)
4444 Arlington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22204


Dates: Monday, June 18 thru Friday, August 10, 2018

First Assembly Church
700 West Braddock Road
Alexandria, VA 22302


Dates: Monday, June 25 thru Friday, August 10, 2018

Trinity United Methodist Church
1205 Dolley Madison Blvd
McLean, VA 22101

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