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Grades 3rd through 8th



Who doesn’t love roller coasters and amusement parks?

Some of the most thrilling rides in any amusement park are the rollercoasters. In this exciting camp we will learn about science and engineering. Campers will learn about the physics of roller coasters while exploring kinetic and potential energy, and centripetal force. At camp you’ll build and test, physical and “virtual” roller coaster models. Using various computer programs, including Minecraft, you will create virtual roller coasters in MInecraft, build scale models of famous rollercoasters with K’NEX CONSTRUCTION ELEMENTS and experience the thrill of the turns, loops and drops!

Design Your Minecart Ride- Use your Imagination and surprise your passengers this summer! The Greatest Minecart Rides can be designed by you. No boring rides for our campers!.

Think of your ride as a showcase for how clever you can be, rather than how many twists or turns you can make, or how many times you can show the same room or landscape from a different angle.

Campers will use their imaginations to design a rollercoaster in Minecraft and a Minecart Ride like no other! Remember, for the duration of the ride, your passenger is a captive audience; they have to look at what you show them. Take advantage of that!

Your minecart ride will be almost like a short video… it can tell a story, evoke an emotion through atmosphere, or even use music.

So, unleash your creativity, but leave everything that you’ve learned from real-life roller coasters behind and take a stab at our newest redstone competition on roller coaster rides!

Rollercoasters Design and Minecraft – a perfect blend of engineering fun and learning to engage and excite our curious campers!

Don’t miss it this summer!

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Locations and Camp Sessions Offered for Summer 2020

North Arlington/McLean Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

June 22, June 29, July 27, August 2 and August 10.

Memorial Baptist Church
3455 N Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22207

Palm Beach Gardens Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session: TBA

Church In The Gardens
3937 Holly Dr.
West Palm Beach, FL 33410

Vienna Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session:

July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27

Church of the Holy Comforter
543 Beulah Rd, Vienna, VA 22180

Juno Beach Summer Camp

Dates for each weekly session: TBA

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church
13301 Ellison Wilson Rd.
Juno Beach, FL 33408

Look for more great, new locations and more one of a kind camps coming soon!

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